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Firm History

Lester A. Riter started practicing in Rock Rapids with Simon Fisher in 1916.  After a few years Lester began practicing alone.  C.G. Henneberg joined Lester in 1939 and they formed the firm of Riter and Henneberg.  C.D. Riter joined the firm in 1948. 

Lester retired in 1965 and died in 1974.  C.G. Henneberg retired in 1977 and died later that year.  C. D. Riter retired in 1983 and died in 1993.

M. R. Austin joined the firm in 1971 and the firm name became Riter Henneberg & Austin.  Jim Haberkorn joined the firm in 1977 and the firm name became Riter Austin & Haberkorn.  Paul Kippley joined the firm in 1985 and the firm name became Austin, Haberkorn & Kippley.  Jennifer Wippert joined the firm in 2012.  In 2015 Jennifer Wippert became a partner and the firm name became Austin, Haberkorn, Kippley & Wippert, PLC.